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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Rumpy is one of a kind. At least he thinks he is! My long haired Dachshund is king of the roost. He chooses who gets to sit where when it comes to our other dogs. Sometimes he'll share his favorite chair, sometimes he won't. More than once I have had to remind Rumpy that his rules for the other dogs do not apply to humans. Mind you though, I have had to use a little persuasion to get him to relinquish his chair, which is really my chair.

Without a doubt the other dogs, also Dachshunds, look up to Rumpy and respect his wishes, even when they don't respect mine. It's almost like they have to check with him to see if it's okay for them to obey a command from me. The whole bunch is quite a trip and certainly worth the trouble they get into, and they get into plenty of trouble, believe me. We try not to leave them alone for long stretches, as it seems the longer they are alone, the more mischief they find. We also discovered that Rumpy is quite intelligent. It appears she can gage the amount of mischief she gets into by the clock and how much time is left before we get home. Once we figured that out, and began to vary the time we get off work, she got much better. I think she just doesn't know if she has enough time to get into things before we'll return, so she doesn't chance it.

Of course if there is a mess, such as turned over kitchen trash, she gives us such an innocent look we have to assume it was the other dogs. Although, somehow we just know it's Rumpy.

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