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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Don't laugh at Oscar, you'll just encourage his antics. H's no hotdog, but he'll show off whenever he can. Even when he's not trying to be a clown, he's a hoot. He's so funny to watch when he runs, his little legs moving 90 miles an hour. When he hits a 'speed bump' ( a high place in the grass) his little tummy will bottom out and he'll kind of roll over to the other side before taking off again at full speed.

The way that he carries himself, you'd think he was someone important. He holds his head up high, proud of who he is. And yet, Oscar can definitely fly under the radar. He'll become really quiet, and slip by someone without their ever noticing him. I've taken him twice to the movies without anyone ever saying a word since he's so quiet they don't know he's there. What a hoot when they see me leaving with him under my arm!

Oscar also has a domestic side. He loves for me to knit while we watch Lawrence Welk. He loves the knitting because of the little sweaters I make for him to wear. And he particularly loves the dancing--he will sit up and watch the TV when the dancing starts. Oh, and about the little sweaters I knit, well Oscar loves to wear them around other dogs. Somehow, he lets them know how special he is and how, without a knitted sweater, they can't match up to his uppity lifestyle.

I have to keep him grounded and remind him not to let his importance go to his head. So occasionally, in plain view of other dogs, I'll take his little sweater off and have him walk around with nothing but his hair on. That has a great humbling effect and keeps him from getting too big for his britches (or sweater, as the case may be).

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