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Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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You may think Danny is just another yappy, in-your-face, at-your-heels, little terrier. But you'd be wrong. I believe Danny is about the best example of non-typical as a terrier can be. He's completely unassuming and doesn't try to usurp your role as leader. Rather than exhibiting the hyper-adrenaline rush that is common among many terriers, Danny stays calm in just about all circumstances. He'll show some excitement when given attention, but he will not push himself onto you, which is something I really appreciate. I like to be the one that does the inviting.

Danny is a very obedient dog, probably because he's not all jump and jive, so he can stay focused on the training and absorb more into mind. He responds to commands and generally a mild word of discipline is plenty sufficient.

He's also cute as a bug and regular grooming keeps him looking that way. Along with that cute face is a sweet personality that draws attention from young and old alike. His counterparts could learn a lot from Danny, but then, they couldn't sit still long enough to be taught. They'd also resent being taught by another terrier, I'll bet!

When we were looking for a dog for the kids, nobody wanted a terrier. They all wanted the big, catch the Frisbee in mid air, Golden Retriever or Black Labrador type of dog. And when I thought about how my kids needed plenty of exercise to wear them down for a calm evening, I too thought that a big dog might be best. I certainly didn't think they needed a wiry terrier to keep them hyperactive into the evening. But what Danny has done in the way of calming them at the end of the day is really remarkable. When they are around him they all are so much calmer, they even get along better with each other. And now they wouldn't trade Danny for all the flying Frisbee catching dogs in the world.

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