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Dutch Shepherd

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Photo compliments of Wikimedia Commons.

We thought of the name Koko because of her black face, but we also love her brindle coloring. Koko is actually a Blackfoot Indian name that means "light"

Although the Dutch Shepherd is often used in police work, Koko is just a regular housedog and has been a member of our family for three years now. When we got Koko we knew we would have a job on our hands, because this breed is classified as a working dog and they need to be properly exercised and trained several times a day. However, because of her natural obedient nature, we felt we did not have to put her through formal dog training because she is so willing to please, and she responded very well to the training we've provided at home on our own. But we are experienced dog owners, which helped.

This dog definitely has a lot of energy and will follow me all around the house and the yard--actually, anywhere I go, she goes. We don't worry too much when she's not on a leash because she's so obedient.

She loves to play and will run to exhaustion when we go outside for a game of Frisbee or ball. She is a great dog, very obedient and loving and is wonderful with our two-year-old son. Although we live in an apartment, we find time every day to provide mental and physical stimulation because this breed definitely needs a lot of exercise. We can definitely tell when we've provided her with enough physical exercise, because when she's at home, she will just relax. If she hasn't had enough exercise, we know because she is a little 'on edge'. Well, who wouldn't be?

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