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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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My name is Charlie and we need to talk. I really hate to think of myself as a pet, but I will if it'll help you imagine what it would be like for you to own someone like me. I understand you have some kids, a girl and a boy - am I right? Well, it just so happens I adore kids and I've been looking for a couple of young companions to sport around with. It kind of helps my image down at the club. You know, being a mentor and all and making sure they don't stray too far from home really impresses people.

So, if you'll take care of their room and board, I could manage to keep a close eye on them whenever we are at the park or just chilling back at the ranch. Understand I'm not saying we need to live on a ranch; in fact, I'm just as comfortable in a condo. What I mean is that whenever you want to relax and do nothing at all, I'm totally okay with that. Just you, me and the kids - how sweet is that? On the other hand, I wouldn't mind getting out for an occasional afternoon walk to keep this body as fit as possible (I didn't get this physique by just laying around). Did you know that many consider my flat muzzle and pug nose to be the trademark of a true gentleman?

By the way, just in case you're planning on keeping your cat, that's okay by me. I have two rules regarding cats: one; they are not allowed to eat from my dish or to sample any of my food. Two; they are not allowed to hog all of the attention. I'll share but when it comes to family, it would be good for you to remember which one of us is really the pet. Hint: it's not me.

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