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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Waggles is such a funny pup, especially when he gets excited or happy. He wags his tail and his whole rump moves from side to side! From the first day we brought him home he's done that and as you might have guessed, that's how he got his name.

Waggles is really a happy-go-lucky guy and an extremely affectionate dog. If he didn't have a tendency to bark at every little thing, I do believe he would be as perfect a pet as one could hope for. We've been working diligently with him, trying to curb his barking and he has responded well at times. But if we aren't around to correct this habit, he resorts back to his excessive-barking ways.

Waggles just loves the kids and he'd rather be with them than my husband or me, and that's okay with us. It's terrific how well he and the kids have bonded over past couple of years: it's as though they have another brother to play with! They include "Mr. Waggles" even in their made-up games. I have seen them tie a hat on his head to play house or pretend he is their tracking dog in search of lost treasure. Sometimes he plays the silliest roles for them, but I believe he wouldn't have it any other way. He's completely patient and accepting, happy to participate no matter what outfit they need him to wear!

Overall, Waggles is a very well-behaved family dog. It doesn't take much of change of tone in our voice for him to know exactly how serious the trouble he's in. Generally, we just use a firm voice and he pays attention and makes a sincere effort to stop what he's doing. That is true for everything, except for his barking. Once he starts that, it seems as though he loses his hearing; he pays no attention to our tone of voice or to the words directed toward him.

Annoying as that habit is, he is much too precious for us to give up on him just because of one annoying trait. Someday, I do believe, he will not be as anxious to bark as he will be to please his family. I know with a bit more maturity, he'll respond on that score too. He already thrives on making us happy!

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