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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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I'm not a hunter, and not part of a search and rescue team. I'm not married, and I have no children. But I do have an English Foxhound named Bailey. Wondering what I'm doing with this dog? Well, I guess it was fate.

I know there are various factors that should come into play when choosing a dog to own. One is considering the use of the animal. Will he be a true working dog, such as a herder or guard dog? Or how about a service dog? Maybe you want a playmate for the children? Lots of people do. Or will he be used for show?

Of course, where you live plays a part in choosing a dog. Is your home an apartment, or do you live out in the country? Will there be other dogs or just one? No matter what your living circumstances, you've got to consider whether you'll be capable of providing the right care for your new dog. Does she need more exercise and attention than you will have the time to give? Even where to acquire the dog should be carefully considered, like whether to adopt from a rescue kennel or purchase from a breeder. Looking for a pure breed or a mixed breed?

Well, there you have it -- I know all of the factors that I should have considered, but none came into play. When Bailey was a pup he had the markings of a Beagle and some overall resemblance to that breed as well. I always liked Beagles, but wanted a larger dog, although I couldn't really say why. So there I was, looking at this appealing, Beagle-ish pup, and I found myself purchasing Bailey.

My reasons might seem a bit unorthodox and they were certainly shallow (when compared to everything I should have considered but didn't!); but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. He and I have become best friends and we don't need any special logic to understand why that happened. So I definitely didn't do the right things, but I wouldn't change any part of how I ended up with Bailey. He's the best!

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