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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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What can I say about Muffin? Without a doubt, she's been my kid's dog. If Bobby were old enough to write, he could tell his story about his attachment to this little 'Toy' much better than I could. One thing I know for sure is how he feels about Muffin. He absolutely loves this dog. Usually it's the dog following the owner around, trailing them wherever they go. But in this case, the opposite is true. Bobby clings to Muffin wherever she goes; he can hardly bear the thought that she might get out of his sight.

It's a rare thing to see these two away from each other. We've only recently convinced Bobby that Muffin just can't go everywhere with us and that she'll be okay alone at home while we're gone. Some kids have a teddy bear or a security blanket; my son has Muffin. Both of them know that she isn't allowed on the bed, but sometime before morning (probably at Bobby's urging) Muffin finds her way up there and sleeps right next to him, head side by side with his on the pillow.

I've got to say that Muffin is the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever had. She has a lot of energy, which makes her a perfect match for Bobby. The two are on the go all day long, right up until the moment they just crash for an afternoon nap. It's so cute to watch them! They'll be running around the yard and playing ball and then the next thing you know they're laying on the floor somewhere, sound asleep. I suppose there will come a time when one will outgrow the other, but until then, nothing comes between Muffin and Bobby.

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