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Fila Brasileiro

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Don't mess with Duke. He can be cantankerous, to say the least. Even so, it seems that once I introduced Duke to our family, they became his. He's very possessive and will let everyone know his feelings. I love this dog but he has a mind of his own and an attitude to match. It's that attitude that often gets him in trouble.

It's not that he's a bad dog; it's just that Duke will not put up with people or other animals that pose any threat to his family. Unfortunately, he interprets just about everyone as a threat and addresses each situation with the same mentality. Or, to be more blunt, he makes it known, and in no uncertain terms, that you're in his territory and that he's in control. He's the boss and that's all there is to it. It has taken me some time to figure out how to persuade him to do what I want and for him to ignore certain inherent feelings he may have. I must be smarter than him if I want any control of his behavior. I've learned Duke's weaknesses and which of his 'buttons' not to push.

For instance, he loves rawhide chews and will do just about anything for one, but only if I make it the prize for good behavior. He also respects a firm and deep voice and responds to that better than to a soft spoken instruction. I've learned that with Duke, consistency is very important and he will forever test my authority. Nature of the beast. I just have to know when to give in and when not to. And once the boundaries were set and he knew his limits, he became much easier to control. Still, I won't trust just anyone with him because of his suspicious nature of strangers. That, and the fact that I'm a little possessive myself, especially when it comes to Duke.

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