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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Meet Tokala. No guesswork needed to figure out why I call my Spitz the Dakota Indian name for Red Fox. Her fox-like face absolutely entranced me. Tokala is one active dog, a bundle of energy wrapped up in a fur coat. She's ready to go at a moment's call. She jumps into the pickup ready and rarin' to go whenever we let her come along. Camping is her favorite thing. There's something about the smell of the mountains that really excites her senses. She'll run down to the creek and back to camp and up the hillside, sniffing and exploring. She'll check back in with us from time to time, and then take off again.

Her somewhat wild look always turns heads and people just come over to ask questions about her because no one's seen another animal anything like Tokala. Of course, because of her looks we have to keep a pretty close eye on her. There are plenty of skittish hunters that could honestly mistake her for a real fox, though she is slightly bigger than those are. And we keep her away from other folk's camps as she could very easily startle them with her appearance and wild-looking stare.

But given the chance, Tokala is as friendly as any dog. She may be a bit cautious of strangers at first, but she'll warm up to them soon enough. There was this one trip a couple of summers ago where she went on one of her scouting expeditions and didn't return to camp to check in as she usually does. So we took to the trails to see if we could find her. And after about an hour of hiking and calling her, we found her. She was sitting by the fire of an old mountain man, contentedly sharing his jerky. They were just staring each other in the eye, neither one speaking a word. When we approached and introduced ourselves, the gentleman said that after watching him from a distance for about 20 minutes, Tokala came right up to him and sat down. Tokala knows her jerky.

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