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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Bon Jour, mademoiselle, monsieur. My name is Louis. I am very glad to meet you. Now that I have arrived in the United States, I have to 'get bee zee', I believe is the term, with meeting zee ladies. My people had me flown over from France, recognizing me as an international kind of guy. Perhaps you get the impression from my physique that I am all, how-you-say , the brawns and no brains. No, no, no! I am quite intelligent! Look closely, Cherie, you can see it in my eyes. While your eyes are absorbing my beauty, ask yourself, is he not a magnificent dog? Because of this muscular build, some people think I was born to fight, but take heart, Cherie, I was born to love.

My people love me and they make sure I get around. I'm often taken to the office to brighten up the day of those who trudge through life working for a living. Not the life I live, of course. My life is filled with adventure. My passion for living and loving fills any room the moment I trot in. When I become bored, I insist that my people take me to 'doggy day care'. There, the ladies are enamored by my French accent and my good looks. Ooh la la la la!

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