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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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We are so glad we made the decision to add a French Mastiff to our family. Badger was named by our eldest son, Jimmy, who was often pestered by Badger when he was a pup. Of course, Badger was just being a puppy and was demanding attention. He's not really aggressive at all and certainly doesn't pester anyone. But we have stuck with the name, none the less.

We found out that French Mastiffs were originally bred for fighting and for protection. Well, we certainly feel protected when he's around. Our Badger is easy-going and great with our whole family--from little ones to bigger ones - but especially with Jimmy. Since we got Badger when he was a puppy we had plenty of time to socialize him with our other pets. When you're a big family with four children, you're bound to have some smaller animals, like a hamster, cat, or even a parakeet. Badger takes to them like they are constantly under his protective care. He amazes me with the amount of patience he shows toward them and toward our children.

The kids love playing with Badger and he plays back with them. One of his favorite games is fetch, but he'll only drop the ball when he's ready. We live near San Diego, California and love spending time at the beach. He absolutely loves the ocean and will play along the water's edge all day long.

I have to warn you that Mastiffs are big dogs with big appetites; so after all this exercise and playing he can eat, and eat, and eat - let me tell you, the kibble bills are enormous. He's worth it, though, and I think the world of having such a big-hearted dog that we can count on for fun and for reliable protection too.

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