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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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How do you pick a new dog? Especially if you believe your previous dog was perfect and irreplaceable? Well, it wasn't easy, but we found our hearts' desire in Belle, our French Spaniel. Her high energy and exuberant personality helped us recover from the loss of our other dog. Although we did not choose the French Spaniel for their appearance, we think the breed, and especially our Belle, has a striking, graceful look. Whether she's at rest or trotting in the field or in the yard, she is a joy to watch. She moves quickly and effortlessly. Her long, furry tail is usually wagging from side to side, telling us how happy she is. When she's not at work or playing in the field, she's content to sleep at our feet.

Belle needs plenty of exercise, which is one of the reasons why we chose this breed. We enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle and we wanted a dog that would enjoy it along with us. Belle was easy to train when she was a puppy, so calling her from out in the field is a task that she responds well to - she immediately comes to us.

Of course, being French, she thinks no greeting is complete without a kiss to both cheeks. She will bark, but usually it's just to alert us that someone is approaching. The moment she spots our visitor, she becomes the official welcoming committee. French Spaniels are people lovers, no doubt about that. This breed of dog is known as the social butterfly of the canine kingdom.

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