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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Moe is part of a search and rescue team that has been instrumental in finding and rescuing several hikers. I remember the first time we were called on to help in the search for two Arizona hikers missing in the Superstition Mountains, just east of Phoenix. Moe and I weren't part of the lead team but from the moment we arrived, Moe was at the forefront.

His eagerness and keen sense of urgency made him a natural leader. The lead team took their dogs to an area where it was believed the hikers were most likely to be and we were assigned another possible area, one that was a bit more difficult to reach. To actually get to the assigned mountainside sector, we had to traverse several deep ravines. I looked at crossing these as a necessary means to in order to get to the mountain so that we could begin our search - a road to travel, not a destination.

Moe, on the other hand, started his search immediately, and the ravines we had to cross became part of his search area. At first I was a bit impatient and irritated with him as he kept getting sidetracked with different smells. But as it turned out, the lost hikers never made it to the mountains at all, and had used the ravines to hide from the sweltering sun. While the other teams were focusing on an area that the hikers were believed to have reached, Moe was focusing on their scent that he picked up in a ravine. Because of his determination to stay on that scent in spite of my prodding to get us to the mountain, we found the hikers tucked away in the shade. They suffered from heat exhaustion and one had a broken ankle but they were found before things got worse. Another day and night in the desert could have been fatal. Moe received his first award and became the lead dog for future rescue efforts.

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