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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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When I was growing up, there was only one type of dog hero, and it wasn't a collie named Lassie. Alright, she was okay, but I always thought she was a bit too feminine for me. Rin Tin Tin was a real hero. He was the West's answer to dealing with all the bad men that came to cause trouble. He was big, strong and loyal. He could jump off a cliff or onto the back of a moving horse to knock off the outlaw. Whatever was necessary, he could do it. He was a German Shepard. A hero.

Then, there was Lobo, who played the lead in the TV series, "The Littlest Hobo". He was the city's answer to saving the underprivileged and the lost. He was smart, self-sufficient and most important, compassionate and caring. You knew that because at the end of each show, after he had helped the underdog win a battle or reunited the lost child with his family, he stood and looked back as if wanted to stay with the nice people and look after them. But the pull to be free was too strong, and the need to rescue others called him away. He headed off to the train tracks to catch a ride with the other hobos, so he could save others in trouble. He, too, was a hero, and he too was a German Shepard.

My point is, when you look at Rex (pictured above), you just know you're getting a hero. He's a big, strong, hard working protector of the family. Though you also know how gentle he can be, would-be trouble makers are aware of his size and strength and loyalty. Because of Rex's intelligence and muscular build, his need for mental and physical stimulation will fit right into your active life style. Rex is well behaved, although he will occasionally enjoy a good dig in the flower garden. But that's a small price to pay for having your very own hero.I really hope you'll consider a German Shepherd as the right dog for your family.

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