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Giant Schnauzer

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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If Jasper looks big that's because he is: he's a Giant Schnauzer. I'm a large dog lover. Really, I just love big dogs. I also have a soft spot for the standard Schnauzer, so for me, a great big Schnauzer was absolutely ideal.

Jasper is full grown and he is such a powerful dog. His build is truly amazing, and he's got the ribbons from the conformation shows to prove it. I've retired Jasper to stud and now I only enter him in an occasional show. From the very first time I saw Jasper, I knew he was a champion. Just the way he held himself, confident and proud, told me what to expect.

Now that Jasper is retired and doesn't get the constant attention he once enjoyed, he can get into a bit of trouble now and then. He has attempted to get my attention by chewing up my roses and digging up my garden, which he never did before. I know he is just bored and wants some mental activities to take his mind off of retirement, being as intelligent as he is, he needs a bit more to do.

What do old men do anyway when they retire? Do I take him fishing, golfing or leisurely walks in the park? Take him to my weekly poker game? Do I find him a girlfriend? Lucky Jasper, he's a stud. He's got plenty of girlfriends waiting in line. Do you suppose he's bored of that as well? Today I'll place some new toys in our van as we drive off to his stud appointment. It's downtown, so we can take a brisk walk through the park afterwards. And if I want to save my roses I had better start giving him a bit more to do here in our golden years.

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