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Glen of Imaal Terrier

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Banjo can get himself into more mischief than any other dog I know. It's simply unbelievable. He reminds me of my oldest son when he was between two and six years old, or maybe it was when he was between two and 16!

At any rate, Banjo isn't a bad dog, it's just that he always has to be exploring and in the process, he gets distracted with new adventures and new things that cause him to lose track of time and location.

Just last week we were all playing some touch football at the park, and one minute Banjo is watching on the sidelines... next minute, he's nowhere to be seen. Even with all of us spreading out and becoming a search party we couldn't find him. About two hours later Dad pulls up in his truck and guess who he found leisurely strolling down the highway paying no attention to traffic or the fact that he was more than three miles from the park where we were? Banjo wanders off and it was us that got the scolding!

Or there was the time that we had a wedding reception in our back yard. Slow down, you're probably jumping way ahead and imagining a wedding cake on the ground or someone tripping over Banjo and falling in the pool. Well, yes that happened but that's not what got him into trouble. Because of the evening's earlier events (pool and cake) Banjo was confined to the dressing room, until someone left the door open. A short time later, while all the guests were sitting watching the happy couple open wedding presents, Banjo calmly walked to the front with the bride's undergarments hanging from his mouth. Such a good boy, returning them to their rightful owner, in front of everyone!

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