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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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On a 'Doodle' quest. See, we had Golden Retrievers - and a house full of fur. After repeated breakdowns of the roller brush on our vacuum cleaner, the repair people told us not to come back and our dry cleaner told us to consider wash 'n wear instead. That's when we started our Doodle quest. My husband begged me to look into the new 'designer' dog breeds. We still wanted the Golden Retriever aspects of a dog, but not the shedding. As we searched through the various hybrids, we found what we were looking for--the Goldendoodle. I giggled the first time I heard the name. Just say Goldendoodle out loud and you can't help yourself. Bear is our four-month-old bundle of energy, always ready to play fetch. He is almost too fast to be captured by a camera, although he did agree to pose for us here. And Bear is the smartest dog I've ever lived with, bar none. He's also downright hysterical--it's that puppy thing.

The added value of our new, little Goldendoodle is that I've started a serious health-and-wellness routine and part of my weight loss strategy is a daily walk with my four-footed ball of energy. And as he grows, my little buddy will have me walking even more.

Right now he is almost four months old; he should be about 75 pounds when fully grown. Bear went through a rapid growth spurt from two months to four months; it's really seemed like he was growing inches each and every day! The vet says we should see some slowing down of that over the next couple of months.

Bear is very trainable and responds well with positive reinforcement. A dog normally wants to please his human; he wants to know if he's doing the right thing. So praise your dog and give him the love and treats he deserves if he's performing a good job. This nice photo pose? You bet he got a treat for that!

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