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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Tucker the disc dog is my three-year-old Gordon Setter. When he's not busy 'talking', which he does a lot, he's focused on catching a flying disc, better known as a Frisbee.

Out of all the dogs I've owned, Tucker has become my favorite disc dog. He's so good that we're gearing up to compete in the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship. His specialties are distance catching and freestyle catching.

His athleticism is spectacular and he performs flips in the air that are really incredible to watch. We're still waiting to come in first place, and we've garnered many second-place awards already! I should mention that in our first year of competition we earned the Rookie of the Year Award!

Tucker and I have grown up together over the past five years and this dog has spunk! Thanks to the breed's tendency to mature slowly, he still has that puppy-like playfulness. I also like the fact that he has the endurance to keep up with my athleticism. Most of our routines are performed to music, which helps both of us remain energetic.

Tucker will sometimes assume the alpha role in our family/pack, and that's when I know I need to step up to the plate and reinforce what I learned from our obedience training. Boy, that was expensive, but I have to use what I learned regularly with Tucker. Gordon Setters need a firm master and I wouldn't have known how to do that without the obedience classes. Plus, I could never have come this far with Tucker in disc competition if I had not trained him (and me!) well. Take my advice and train any dog you get; in one way or the other it will make a real difference.

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