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Great Dane

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Harvey is a Great Dane, one of the better-known giants of the dog world. He's big enough to intimidate strangers, patient enough for our children and affectionate enough that he wants to be with us most of the time. Harvey hates to be locked up in a dog run; partially because he's not happy being alone and partially because he needs more stimulation than that. In fact, like all Great Danes, he needs space if he is to do well. But once past puppyhood, you'll have to institute a fitness schedule and hold him to it. Otherwise, he might gravitate more to the couch than to the backyard. Harvey might get up to 200 pounds and stand just under three feet at the shoulders. Heck, we walk him daily just so that we don't get out of shape.

Loyal to the end, he acts as the protector of our family. The unique thing about Harvey is he can do it without being aggressive. He knows how to remain calm even in the presence of danger. He just loves being around family members and will do whatever it takes to please us. Great Danes come in a variety of colors, and everybody seems to have a favorite. Our Harvey is a beautiful blue.

His loving nature is only matched by his intelligence; he was easily obedience trained. If you were to meet him you'd find Harvey to be a very clever dog. For instance, you could teach this couch-potato to stay off the couch and you'll never catch him there again. But don't be fooled: he'll still sleep on the couch; he'll be on it whenever you're not around -- you'll just not catch him there ever again since he'll remember you don't like it!

Once a clumsy puppy, Harvey has grown into a magnificent and graceful dog. Size, beauty and smarts, Harvey has it all. If you have the time to spend and the space to spend it, as well as plenty of food to keep him healthy, then a dog like my Harvey may be the dog for you.

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