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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Just look at those soulful eyes! This is Sadie, our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. With her big, round, soulful eyes, Sadie is always able to convey her thoughts. In this photo, Sadie is telling us to point her in the right direction and she's ready to work! You'll often see Sadie with a backpack which will give you an idea of her usefulness when trekking--whether through sand, sleet, mountainous terrain, or just lugging the baby's stuff around.

Our Sadie is a pleasure to take camping and it's one of her favorite activities. Besides carrying our packs, she makes a great guard dog, too. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a working dog breed and Sadie loves to be useful, so we take advantage of her in that way. Rest assured, she is 100% pure spoiled pet to us despite that!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are a large breed; right now, Sadie weighs 90 pounds, but we're expecting her to mature in weight at roughly 120 pounds eventually. She's a little over two feet tall and that's about maximum height for the breed. She's a lot of dog and we love her.

We know what health issues may arise with this breed-- particularly bloat and hip dysplasia - so we do our best to provide her with the best nutrition and plenty of healthy exercise. We refuse to feed her any type of kibble dog food that swells when it becomes wet; instead we feed her an organic wet diet recommended by our veterinarian. We also purchased pet insurance for Sadie, so that we can afford whatever medical care she may require. She is a valuable asset to us as well as a beloved member of the family, and we want her to have a long, happy, healthy life.

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