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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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I bet I have something that you don't. I call her Fakita, and she is my jewel of jewels. She is an Ibizan Hound. A natural hunter, she loves to run and chase small game. We live out in the country on 25-acres, which is about perfect for her. This is not an apartment house pet. Sometimes she'll be sitting next to me, relaxing, but she'll see something in the distance and all of sudden take off running.

Fakita is a real clown. I don't know if she knows it or not or if she acts silly on purpose, but she can really make me laugh. When she's not chasing rabbits and such, she's hopping and springing around as if she had been drinking too much alcohol. Then she'll walk a straight line towards me as if to say, "See! I'm not drunk." And once I say "Okay," she's off and running again.

Speaking of running, I don't know of another dog that looks as graceful and elegant as Fakita when she runs. There's just nothing as pretty as an Ibizan Hound in motion. She may have an inbred desire and drive to hunt, but she also has that natural ability to run. I thoroughly enjoy just sitting out on the porch and watching her take off across the field. And she's a natural entertainer, whether it's her clowning around or running. She can be a hard and serious worker when it comes to chasing game, though. She'll return with some carcass in her mouth after her hunt. She won't eat or chew it; usually she just lays it at my feet and waits for my praise and admiration. When I've made enough of the appropriate comments, she will carry it off somewhere and I never see her with it again.

The bottom line for Fakita is that she feels she is there for me. Her antics are for my enjoyment, as is her running and hunting. I have the sense that she feels that it's her mission to make sure that I am well entertained.

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