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Italian Greyhound

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Meet Chase, our Italian Greyhound. Chase is always on the trail of something. It's because of his great sense of smell that we make sure to keep him safe within the confines of our backyard and when we take him out, we make doubly sure we have him on a good strong leash.

He's a great dog with a pleasing personality. He's third on the throne, so to speak, and the newest addition to our canine family. Since the Italian Greyhound is somewhat fragile, we waited until our children were old enough to be mindful of that fact. Young kids have a tendency to play rough at times, and dogs with small bones, especially when they are puppies, can be injured. Our other two dogs don't seem to fret over his 'frail' bones, and poor Chase lets us know often enough of this fact. You know how dogs are--they're all over one another, especially when it's time to be fed.

He's the type of dog that is reluctant to go outside when it's cold or rainy, so on inclement days we make sure to play around in the house--usually it's 'chase the beanie toy as fast as you can'. We try not to baby him too much; when it's cold, we put a warm fleece coat on him and take him out anyway. Mind you, this coat was specially made for him, and it says 'I love Italian Greyhounds' on the back. He prances and struts his stuff when we go for walks. I'm sure we look like a circus troop when the entire family takes the three dogs for a walk. But, hey, it's a healthy way to raise a family and we love our dogs.

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