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Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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This is my little giant, my Jack Russell Terrier. I don't think there is a bigger little dog than Doobie. He honestly believes he can hang with the big boys and he's not afraid to go toe to toe with them if they get a bit aggressive. The 'big boys' are my two German Shepherds; they love giving Doobie a hard time but nothing fazes this little guy. The Sheps will usually give in and you'll find Doobie right in the center of whatever mischief the three can drum up.

Indoors, he's often standing in front of my full-length mirror, staring at himself. He just loves admiring that handsome terrier in the mirror. We have seen Doobie get so full of himself that we are just sure that he's the only thing that's on his mind. Often, right after posing in the mirror, he'll walk right into a wall or chair like his mind is somewhere far away. What a dog!

Doobie can also be very impatient with things he doesn't understand. For instance; he doesn't like it when we play Scrabble. I guess he just doesn't understand how we can stare at some wooden squares and a game board for hours when we could be looking at him. More than once, when he's reached his limit of patience, he's jumped up on the coffee table and gone a little berserk, messing up the game board and knocking over our letters. He'll then hop off and give us that look as if to say, "Okay, enough is enough. How about focusing on me?"

Another 'funny' that Doobie does is bark at the wind. I don't know if it's the tickling of the nose or certain scents he picks up but he looks a bit loony standing there by himself and 'talking' out into space. Say what you will about terriers, my Jack Russell is one of the giants in the dog world and he'll be the very first to tell you that it's the truth.

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