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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Kiwi is such an intense dog and his eyes seem to tell it all. Just look at him - you can almost feel him looking right through you, and this is just a photograph! He's been a great watch dog and he's been a super companion to me. But he never did warm up to my roommate, and it became evident that one of them would have to move out.

I wonder if Phil ever found a place to live? Anyway, Kiwi and I go back a long ways and I wasn't about to put him up for adoption. He's what I would call a one-person dog. We've bonded, but he doesn't care if other people like him or not. He's not mean or overly aggressive; he just isn't too friendly with strangers. How long can a guest remain a stranger? I guess until Kiwi decides they're not one anymore. Until then, he's fine if people don't push themselves onto him in any way, or come at him too fast.

I guess I like his mystique, and his loyalty to me. He'll stare intently at someone until they become apprehensive or nervous; then he'll let them off the hook if they look away. But he's totally different with me. He prefers that I take the lead role. Sometimes, for fun, we'll have a staring contest just to see who outlasts the other. We're just about even in that game (a game I don't recommend strangers playing with him).

Kiwi is very obedient and quick to learn. I only have to show him a trick once or twice for him to get it and start performing it on his own. In fact, he'll hardly wait for my command or direction to perform it again. If he's in the mood, he can entertain for hours, if he's not, I can't get him to even chase a stick. That's just Kiwi being his own man and doing his own thing.

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