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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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This beauty just didn't happen to stumble into my life by accident. She has a purpose and she does it superbly. I've been gradually going blind for the past three years and knew I would need a guide dog soon enough. Sure, I considered all the typical service dogs, including Labs and German Sheperds, the most popular choices. But I wanted a dog that was much smaller and yet it would have to be just as good at being my eyes.

I researched which dogs were quick learners, quick to obey and that absolutely would be the best when it came to loyalty to its owner. All those traits considered, I found this breed topped my list. There may be other dogs that would have fit the bill as a guide dog, but I seriously doubt that another dog could also be as loving and genuinely concerned for my welfare as my Keyshawn. No other dog would concern itself with my needs as devotedly as she does.

Keyshawn actually worries about me and shows it by the way she is constantly attending to me. Even if I'm out of her sight, and it doesn't matter for how long, she will sit by the door and wait for me. She'll periodically rap her paw on the door and 'talk' in an undertone, just to make sure I'm still okay. And that's even if other people or dogs are around. No temptation is too strong for her - she never becomes distracted. She'll randomly bring me things. Not toys for her to play with, but things she thinks I may need: a pillow, a book, the TV remote. I don't think a Lab or a Shepard would try so hard to please me. Keyshawn is a very special dog and it's no accident that she is mine.

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