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Kerry Blue Terrier

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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If you want to have some fun, and I really mean fun, get a Kerry Blue Terrier! Owning a dog that can be the clown daily and make everyone in the house laugh every day is fantastic. And ego...oh yes, they have theirs. Darby's ego is roughly the size of Delaware. So it's got to be considered in everything we ask of her.

Darby likes to be the 'one and only' in our house. We have another terrier, a Bedlington, but Darby usually has to put her in her place. Darby chooses to rule the roost most days and on those rare occasions when she lets the other dog lead, we reward her for her good behavior in hopes of encouraging a better detente on a more regular basis. She seems to be catching on! My point, in a nutshell, is that Kerry Blues are strong-willed and high spirited. They also need to have daily exercise--if they don't get it, you'll regret it.

My Darby likes to start each and every day scanning the horizon for would-be invaders. There's a ritual that must be followed in this procedure: first, she darts her long-haired muzzle through the kitchen curtains, then the dining room curtains, then she paws open the plantation shutters in the living room. After she ensures everything is safe, she can relax and enjoy quality time with her favorite squeaky toy, Mr. Snoosh.

If your Kerry Blue is well trained in addition to their innate personality, I'm confident you'll find pleasure and delight in your Kerry Blue. You will never have a better housedog and you'll never laugh as much. Guaranteed!

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