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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Well, we had a couple of choices. If we had decided on children, we'd have gotten a dog that loves kids; or we'd opt to forego children and get a really unique dog that doesn't get along that well with kids but has other attributes. We went with the latter, and never looked back.

Meet Jenny, our Korean Jindo. We certainly do have a unique dog and I wouldn't trade her for anything. However, I must admit Jenny has been a handful: a couple of kids might not have been as much work!

Jenny is an intelligent dog, but she is so self-willed and stubborn at times. She can really test our determination and patience when it comes to obedience training. She knows how she is supposed to respond to a command but for whatever reason, she wants to decide when to obey. Just when we think that a certain command, like 'stay' or 'lie down' just isn't sinking in, she'll obey it instantly, without any hesitation. She can be a real brat sometimes.

All the negatives aside, she is a pretty neat dog. For one thing, she is very beautiful. And Jenny is a very loyal protector of her home and of the two of us. We generally don't worry about locking the door when we're home, or even when we're away, for that matter. She'll see to it that strangers are well announced or that they are not welcomed at all, especially if we aren't at home.

There are a couple of things that Jenny has developed a craving for. One is fishing for minnows down at the city park: she just loves romping along the water's edge and scooping up a mouthful of little minnows. The other thing she craves is sweets, particularly cake. The more icing, the better. Funny, that's my favorite dessert too. We usually wind up splitting it between us.

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