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Korean Mastiff/ Korean Dosa Mastiff/ Mee Kyun Dosa

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Yalu, Kaesong, and Amnok are the names of my three Korean Mastiffs. These dogs are huge in size, but especially in heart, which is why I have three. I've heard it said that these dogs don't bark, but they do, especially when they're excited.

You've heard of a backing vocalist--a singer who provides vocal harmony with or behind the lead vocalist? Well, I call Yalu my 'backyard' vocalist. She just loves to sing when she's outdoors. Yalu, Kaesong, and Amnok enjoy rolling in the grass and they can entertain themselves for hours playing together or with their toys. I should have bought stock in a dog toy manufacturing company -- they go through them with ease and I'm always buying more!

Our large enclosed backyard is just perfect for their needs. I refer to them as my 'backyardigans'--they've got a little hooligan in them. Kaesong has the most affectionate disposition, which he displays by leaning on any human being who stands near him. I am 6-feet tall and considerably overweight, but when Kaesong leans on me, my knees buckle. I've had Kaesong the longest (five years); Yalu and Amnok are sisters from the same litter and I've had them for about two years now. I mentioned Yalu being the singer in the family; Amnok is the comedian. Of course, just their looks can get you laughing. They have wrinkles all over their body and especially on their face. They also have huge loose-skinned necks. Did I mention how funny it is to watch these dogs run? They are just so huge, and there is just so much loose skin bouncing around, and their ears are heavy and flop up and down. Really, when they run--it's hilarious. They brighten my day every day.

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