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Longhaired Whippet

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Our dog Comet is an unusual breed - she's a Long-Haired Whippet. We've had her just about a year. Comet has a double personality. It's like someone having two distinct personalities and when they are in one, there's no sign of the other.

Comet's a couch potato indoors and a Ferrari outdoors. Maybe we should have named her Fer-tato, or Pota-Rarri...you get the idea. Don't get me wrong: we love her just the way she is, but it took some getting used to. And it's not just our Comet who's like this. Our breeder told us about the two trait personality ahead of time, since most, if not all, Whippets (long or short-haired) are just like Comet. We wouldn't have her any other way, and oddly enough, it suits our lifestyle perfectly. When we're outdoors, we're playing, we're running, we're super active and then some, and so is Comet. When we're at home, we're typically laid back and relaxing.

I should probably mention that relaxation for Comet means sprawling out on the couch and taking up as much of it as she can. She's convinced that we purchased our $3,000 custom-designed sofa just for her! Thankfully, she insists on having a blanket either over her or under her or both. This spares the upholstery, a fact for which I am very grateful. Actually, she looks just adorable all cuddled up on her blankies. And we trip over each other trying to make her more comfortable or get her another blankie. What can I say? We're in love with our Whippet.

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