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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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When I'm out with Archie, people always ask the obvious question. So as they open their mouth, the first thing I say is, "No, he's not a Miniature Doberman Pincher". Saves them completing the sentence, and it's what everybody wants to know. It's the coloring that does it, and the overall proportions are similar despite the size difference. Anyone who spends even a few moments with Archie will discover he's a Terrier. His forefathers were created to hunt and kill rats, something I hope never comes up in my world! His Terrier nature is a delight to me, but I know it's not a good match for everybody. He's got a level of tenacity that can make for some interesting debates when I want one thing and he wants another. Luckily, pleasing me usually will lead him to give in, but not until he's shown me what he'd prefer!

He's happiest when he's right by my side, participating in everything and anything I'm doing. Doesn't matter what the task is, or whether its boring or interesting. He brings all his pep and spunkiness to whatever we're doing . He loves to run, probably because Whippets are part of his ancestry. Given his size, he doesn't need a lot of room to do that, and he's totally happy running round and round a small space if you don't have a large one.

Back to that rat killing heritage, he will sniff out critters, digging a hole where he smells the pests that plague our yard. So far, the bunnies have made their escape through the backdoors of their warrens. They don't know Archie's not a hunter and not looking to kill or eat them; he's just sniffing them out is all. Like most Terriers, he thrives on being with people. Which means they need your full attention to be happy.

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