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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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This is Mr. T. Like the Bullmastiff he's big and strong and he's an excellent watchdog. Mr. T's not aggressive, but he does not back down from a confrontation that threatens our home or family.

Just look at him: his powerful body and intimidating stare stops most intruders right in their tracks. But despite his imposing looks, Mr. T is extremely calm and patient, especially when it comes to the kids. Like most breeds, he won't tolerate mistreatment, yet Mr. T seems to understand the difference between abuse and rough play. If that playing gets out of hand, he will get up and walk away. He exercises a great deal of restraint even under the most trying of circumstances. It's as if he knows that with his size and bulk, he could accidentally and unintentionally cause harm.

Like all Mastiffs, Mr. T becomes lazy unless we keep him regularly motivated. He needs a lot of exercise, to keep his mind and body agile and to prevent him from running to fat. Sometimes we'll take him for long walks; other times we play a simple game of fetch, which he ignores at first. But after he gets out and starts playing, it becomes his favorite game. That's true with most exercise and Mr. T. If he can avoid it, he will, but once he's doing it, he's loving it. Obedience training has proved to be the best money we ever spent: the results are clearly evident in Mr. T's grown into a mature dog.There would be no way to walk a dog of this size on a leash without really good training when they are small.

Above all, Mr. T is a loyal companion and family dog that we absolutely adore. And I should share one lesson we learned early on: Mastiff-proof your house before leaving your dog on his own indoors. It's not that Mr. T was especially destructive; it's just that his large frame didn't navigate very well around the more fragile items that we had throughout our home then. Move your delicates to high shelves because when a Mastiff bumps into a table, everything on it falls over! He definitely needs his space. I can't even imagine what it would be like living with Mr. T in an apartment, or even in a small house. Mastiffs need an environment that's bigger then they are, with plenty of room to roam.

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