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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Mack is everything I was looking for in a good cattle dog: he's durable, courageous and intelligent, and above all, there's his love of (and eagerness to) work. When I head out to the open range to bring in my cattle, Mack's uncanny ability to find and keep the herd together is like having some kind of machine do most of the work - it's that smooth, and that quick and it impresses the heck out of me -- he's the best cattle dog I've ever seen, much less owned. And Mack's a real ranch hand, with a lot of character.

He loves settling down by the fire after a long day's work. He sleeps lightly, keeping a vigilant night watch, periodically running out to the herd to make sure none wander off. He's really an intelligent dog, that's for sure. He knows his job and takes it seriously.

One evening during a storm, Mack didn't come back to camp after running out to the herd. I began to sense he wasn't there, and that wasn't normal. I woke the boys up and we went out looking for Mack. Some of the washes were already starting to run with water; the main wash was about to cut the herd off from our campsite. The thunder and lightning had agitated the herd and they were edgy, on the brink of scattering. Doing what he does best, Mack was circling and keeping them all bunched up together; apparently he'd been doing that job all night long. We were able to instantly take control thanks to him, and we quickly moved them into a makeshift pen on higher ground until morning.

There's a lot of modern technology out there, and a lot I don't know about it. But I do know that there's nothing out there that could do what Mack does as well as he does it.

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