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Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Mickey, our MiKi, is the most adorable little creature on the planet.. I will forever be grateful to Grandma for this wonderful, lovable, mondo cute gift. Mickey follows me everywhere and loves being with me and my friends. When we hang out in my room, he's right there on the bed with us, part of the group.

The only thing is, he always wants to be the center of attention, and just like my cat, he gets kinda jealous when we play games instead of playing with him. Then we do just what we do with my cat: if he won't leave us alone, we dress him up in some cute doll outfit and play that way. He just loves our dress-up games because he's a real ham. One Saturday we dressed him up in a really cute dress and hat and took him to the mall with us. Grandma said we were cruel to take him out like that, but he got so much attention I think he loved it!

I know grownups don't play with dolls and Mickey and I will just find new things to do as we get older. I'm going to be a nurse someday, or maybe a doctor. I'm deciding now, but I'm not really sure yet. If we play veterinarian, I can give Mickey his shots and look in his ears and throat. But then again, he really doesn't like going to the vet's and he might stop coming into my room if I act like that!

No matter what I decide to be and how old we get, Mickey will forever be the most adorable dog EVER.

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