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Miniature Australian Shepherd

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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This is Tipper all grown up. He's not the full size Australian Shepard that I thought I wanted (I'd had one growing up on the family farm). I guess my childhood buddy Dapples will always remain 'the' dog in my head, so I hadn't considered ever getting a miniature. But I realized that there's no way to compare one dog to another, no more than you can compare one person to another when you get right down to it. Each will have its own character, it's own charms. When a friend suggested the smaller breed (our cottage is tiny) we decided to take a look. We came home with a puppy already nicknamed Tipper by the breeder, because he'd tipped over when he first tried to sit up.

As Tipper matured, I was surprised by how eager to work this smaller kin to the full size Shepard really is! Tipper is not an exact clone of the larger breed but he's just as hard of a worker, and he's got his own bouncy personality. My partner and I just fell in love with the puppy on sight, and that bond has only gotten stronger as he's matured.

Tipper has proven over and over again that he is every bit up to the challenge of being a working herder. In fact, the work will run out before he ever shows any signs of tiring. He has plenty of energy and desire; I guess the real difference is that he seems to need somewhat less regular exercise than the full size Aussie of my childhood.

Tipper has often demonstrated his herding skills even when he wasn't working with the sheep. I remember one particular time when Jim's nieces and nephews were visiting; they were out in the pasture playing for hours and when he had dinner ready, Jim's sister began calling them to come and eat. But they were having fun, so her calls didn't get them running. She tried again, and again, and that was it for Tipper: he went out after them, and nipped at their heels to get them running toward the house for dinner, circling them to keep the stragglers moving, barking encouragement and driving them to the house!

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