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Miniature English Bulldog

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Sorry about not having a better photo, but here goes.

Miniature doesn't mean less, it just means smaller. My Miniature English Bulldog has proved herself to be a real example of that! She's not less of a character, and certainly not less amusing; the amount of care she needs isn't less either. Mimi keeps me laughing nonstop - she's funny 24/7.

She'll play with you, but it's on her terms: it will be for exactly how long she wants to and not a minute beyond. For example, I'll invite her for a game of fetch, get her ball out of the toy bin and open the door to the yard. She'll act all excited... but after two or three bouts of retrieving it, she'll just stop and look at me as if to say, "This is so over for me. You go right ahead and keep throwing if you like, but I'm moving on." And she bounces away without a backward glance. Same thing happens over our evening stroll. She obviously enjoys the walk down the path, sniffing along with that prance to her step. But when we get to sidewalk, she looks in both directions, turns around and heads back to the porch. Other times, she can't get to the sidewalk fast enough - go figure!

I had to think long and hard about getting Mimi. I understood the commitment of taking a dog ownership meant years, no matter what breed I selected. And once I decided on a Miniature English Bulldog, I learned that taking care of her might entail a lot. Like all bulldogs, large or small, Mimi has her share of health issues. Once I was up to speed on what to be alert for, and learned how to treat her ailments, I was okay with it. But I was all kinds of stressed at first. Lots of calls to my vet, lots of worry. I spend a considerable amount of time nursing her, and making sure she follows through with her medication. She can be very sneaky when it comes to hiding a pill in her mouth but pretending she's swallowed it!

Don't get me wrong, she's not a sickly dog, but she does have some chronic issues that I have to monitor. It's a small price to pay for the joy she brings me. I love Mimi and I know she loves me. She never stops teaching me new tricks.

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