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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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My brother and I share the house we grew up in, and while we talked about getting another dog after our last one passed away, we really hadn't made a decision on what breed. At the town's Dog Show and Animal Fair, one breeder was showing several Miniature Pinschers. We were both really taken with them; they obviously had a lot of energy, running and jumping with ease at the slightest command from their handler. But they had none of that frenzied quality you see in some of the active breeds. They were obviously smart; we could both see the intelligence in their gaze. Chatting with the breeder, we learned they're not really shrunken Dobermans, although the ones we saw certainly looked like they were. Actually, their ancestry is a cross between the Italian Greyhound and a smooth coated Dachshund.

Since they do look like a miniaturized guard dog, they get some automatic respect. Once we learned more about them, we recognized they'd be ideal for us. I'm a runner and was hoping for a dog that would enjoy that with me; my brother walks the Greenbelt four-mile path every day. In between, our dogs have always had free access to the backyard, where they can run or laze as they wish.

We took the breeder's business card and when we got home, we spent quite a while on their website. Then we researched more about the breed, and found out they're easy to train thanks to their innate smarts. And they live (on average) for up to 15 years, which is a lot longer than the larger breeds we'd always had in the past. I think the real selling point for us was that when we visited the breeder's kennel, not one of those Miniature Pinschers acted like a small dog. You could really tell that every one of them thought of itself as huge! The breeder asked us a lot of questions and was really happy to hear about our yard and doggie doors; these guys just don't do well in apartments.

The more we learned, the more we realized that Miniature Pinschers are right for us. We've reserved two pups from the breeder's next litter and we're eagerly awaiting their birth. We figure we'll raise them together and have a really good time doing it!

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