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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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What's that you're saying? Are you insinuating that my stuffed teddy bear is about the same size that I am? Better to tell me that I'm too cute for words. Want me to obey a new command? Well, just spit it out. Let's stop all this beating around the bush.

You've told me a million times that I'm cute and adorable. Of course I am! I'm a hybrid of a Maltese and a Yorkshire, which means my grandparents were all cute personified. But cute and adorable doesn't get you anywhere in this life. Intelligence does! Did you know that I am able to discern most of your thoughts and intentions? That I'm a virtual mind reader? For instance, right now you're thinking how cute it would be if you and I played together with my stuffed teddy bear, Mr. Roosevelt. I sense that you want me to pick up Mr. Roosevelt in my cute little mouth and carry him to you. That way you will feel that you have trained me, instead of the other way around. Happy to play along.

Please, stop treating me like I'm some type of 'blonde' dog. Can't you see the intelligence written all over my face? It's like jumping off the page here! No, if you'd understood it, you'd never have named me 'Peewee', which attaches to synonyms meaning tiny, pint-sized, miniature, undersized and small. All I want is a little (no pun intended) recognition for my intelligence. Maybe when I get bigger. So watch out: before you know it, I'm gonna be 9" tall and weigh 8 lbs.

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