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Miniature Poodle

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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I always thought these little creatures were way too chi-chi, too many diamonds and pearls. You know, high society with a lot of fluff. ZsaZsa Gabor dogs. You would never catch me with one, much less get me to own one. That said, meet Zsa Zsa, my not-so-uppity Miniature Poodle. Oh, she may look high class but that's because we just came from the beauty salon and she's showing off.

Around her penthouse, (it's my apartment), she waits for my grooming attention. And then when it's time to go out for our walk, she's ready. Zsa Zsa loves to play to the crowd. They love everything about her; her strut, her attitude and the bouncy energy she exudes. The larger the crowd that gathers around her, the more energy she has and the more eager she is to perform. She'll go from one adoring fan to another. I know what you're thinking that this dog must be quite a showoff.

Yup, that pretty much describes her to a tee. But if it weren't for those performances, I think she would just lie around and let herself go to pot. What else does she have to live for? I'm just a lowly servant that plays second fiddle to the little star I love. Heaven help me if the performances requests should ever stop coming in. She'd probably desert me, or throw me out on the street. I live to serve. And for now, life is good with Zsa Zsa.

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