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Chow Chow

Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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Leo the Lion is not King of the jungle, at least, not this Leo. This Leo is, however, a King. This Leo is a Chow and he carries an air of Chinese royalty about him that complements his kingly nature. He wears his lion-like mane like a fur coat, handmade of the finest hairs of China.

He's stout, bold and courageous. And he will not let anyone, or anything, near his kingdom that he perceives as a threat. Leo the Chow is definitely a king and if you are privileged to be befriended by him he may allow you to hold onto his leash as he parades around the show ring. Need a ribbon? He's won a few and may just be able to lend you one to hang on your wall, so you can pretend it was you that had won it.

Leo can play family dog if he so chooses, as long as he approves of the family. However, they will need to act with honor and give him the respect he deserves. He will not tolerate peasants that have no class. He's not against the lowly, but they will need to, at least, act like they have some upper-class running through their veins. After all, this is Leo the Chow and being in his presence comes with a price. Playing the role of the owner of such a proud dog will mean many sacrifices on your part. He demands constant grooming of mane. He requires attention to detail, such as you putting on a stellar performance in the show ring and not expecting him to bring home the ribbon without you doing your part.

Oh, but the reward will be worth it. King Leo is the talk of the town and if Leo invites you into his kingdom, just think, who else will be making headlines? You baby. But don't get ahead of yourself; this lion is not for sale. You'll need to find your own Leo.

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