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Author: OriginalServices.com
Posted: April 10, 2010 @ 10:41 am GMT
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When I was growing up, my Dad always had a couple of bird dogs around, usually Springer Spaniels. When it was time for me to have my own dog I sort of assumed I'd get one of the same, but once I started looking, I realized that while I like the traits of hunting dogs, I don't actually hunt!. What I wanted was a dog with similarities to the animals I grew up with, but with unique traits as well. That's how I came to have Magnum. He kind of looks like the Springer and he's truly a terrific hunting dog. There are some differences, however, between Magnum and my Dad's dogs.

Magnum isn't particularly all that interested in going out into the wild and putting animals with feathers in his mouth, let alone getting his feet wet. He'd rather do his own sort of retrieving. He has quite an imagination when it comes to being a hunting dog. We've watched Magnum stalk a leaf as it blows across the yard until it stops, and then gingerly bring it back to lay it at our feet. One of his best sports is grasshopper chasing and retrieving. He's made a fine art of not hurting the little creatures, although I'm sure they're scared nearly to death by his game. But he lays them down gently and watches them crawl away, covered with slobber.

We haven't told him that there really is no value in this sort of hunting; we'd hate to hurt his ego or spoil the fun. And I'm not really as much of a hunter as my Dad was. And who's to say whether someday there could be a true need for hunting wild grasshoppers instead of birds? Magnum and I will be ready for that day.

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