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German Shepherd Dog

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Healthy Pets For Sale, by Reputable Pet Breeders.

Welcome to 1st Class Breeders offering healthy, quality pets for sale. Review our Pet classifieds, find dogs (puppies), cats (kittens), birds, horses, reptiles, livestock and exotic pets. First Class Breeders have high breeding standards, are responsible and reputable and recommended. All breeders have been pre-screened and have no complaints posted against them. These pet breeders claim to be cream of the crop when it comes to raising healthy pets in clean facilities. 1st Class Breeders care and give basic training to their pets preparing them for good loving homes.

Get information directly from the breeders on all animal breeds. The breeder's names, phone numbers and emails are listed and many have their own websites. Most of the breeders listed have registered animals and show them professionally. All have good reputations according to the information they supplied when asked specific questions. All questions and answers will be posted for your review.

We recommend that you ask the breeders for references from people who have purchased a pet from them. If we get 1 complaint from a person who purchased a pet/animal from a 1st Class Breeder regarding health, environment or something as serious, they are taken off our list unless resolved. We ask all visitors to grade the breeders to their satisfaction. Ultimately, Buyers and Breeders are responsible to each other. Our breeders will answer all questions responsibly, and have the responsibility of determining whether the buyer will provide a good home to the pet in-question. Breeders will be available following the purchase to provide the buyer with necessary support, assist with knowledge, and information. Buyers are responsible for choosing a pet wisely, asking lots of questions, getting references, and building a rapport with the breeder. Please email us your experience.

1stClassBreeders.com has been publishing pet information since 1988. Our directory of 1st Class Breeders was published to help people save time and research, to guide people in their search for a healthy pet to fit their lifestyle.

Questions we ask breeders:
* How long have you been breeding?
* How many Litters per year?
* Do you Show?
* Do you breed more then one breed?
* Are all Shots up to date?
* Are your pets registered?
* Do you own the Parents?
* What Certifications do you offer?
* Do you have a Contract?
* Any Guarantee?
* Do you have any Client Complaints not settled?
* Why do you think you are a 1st Class Breeder?

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